Thursday, August 6, 2015

South Kenton

This is the 23rd station on the Bakerloo Line. It is the only one on this line that doesn't have a ticket barrier. The station opened in 1933 and has an island platform with lines running either side of it.

 In the middle of the platform is this wonderful waiting room which, unfortunately, was closed for refurbishment. It is very different from the usual brick built waiting rooms.

This covered walkway takes you down a slope to a tunnel which is the access subway for the station.

This is the entrance to the station.

One side of the station leads to this large expanse of open parkland, Northwick Park. It also has a number of sports fields separated by mature trees.

Other than the park it is a residential area with some large detached houses.

Walking through the subway in the opposite direction you pass this large pub- The Windermere. Built in the 1930s it has many original features including these wonderful lamps outside.

Across the road from the pub is a small row of shops with flats above them. Architecturally they are nothing to write home about.

I wandered down this road thinking there might be something of interest at the end but it was a vehicle repair business with a school opposite. Lots of barbed wire and razor wire protecting the building.
Maybe they have lots of expensive vehicles inside that they need to protect.

Walking on I came to another park on this side of the station called Preston Park. The Preston Park estate was laid out from 1927 and completed soon after the opening of the station in 1933.

Walking back to the station I saw this sign post for the Capital Ring. The Capital Ring is a 78 mile circular walk divided into 15 easy to walk sections. The aim is to take you through open spaces, nature reserves and places of interest around the outskirts of London. Each section starts/finishes close to public transport. Section 9 of the walk is from Greenford to South Kenton and section 10 from South Kenton to Hendon. That would explain why I saw a couple of walking groups crossing the parks.


  1. That sounds like a walk you would like to do. Plenty of parklands in South Kenton. Nice.

  2. Last two sations did not look so interesting round the area but then you are moving outto the suberbs. Will the Captital Ring be another intallment of your blog?

  3. A tugboat on a platform as a waiting room. Very inspired. I am wondering about the word Courage on the pub lamps. Courage was a brand of beer here a few decades ago. Isn't the the Euro car very cute.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful presentation...

  5. Thank you for this wonderful presentation...


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