Sunday, August 2, 2015

North Wembley

 This is the 22nd station I have visited on the Bakerloo Line. It is a small station, built in 1912 with the Bakerloo Line arriving here in 1917.
You emerge from the  station onto a busy road

 There are a few shops next to the station and across the road

Walking in the opposite direction I passed this  large business park.

It soon became obvious that this is mainly a residential area with very little out of the ordinary.

I did notice this large building which is now a Tesco Express store. I discovered that it was once a pub called The Hop Bine (Hop bine is the climbing stem of the hop). It then became the Chequered Flag, the Dog and Duck, then The Bootsey Brogans and then for a short time a restaurant called Desi Dons.  The building was designed as a Truman's pub by A E Sewell in the 1930s.

Truman's Brewery was founded in 1666 in the East End of London when it was mainly fields. It remained an independent brewery until the 1980s when it merged with other companies and ended up closing down in 1989.



  1. I suppose the further out you travel, the less interesting the areas become. The ex pub is pretty good though.

  2. I like the window top at TRUMANS :)

  3. I like the little station building.

  4. I now went through all stops you did so far on Bakerloo line ! Wow what an adventure, but very interesting ! You haven't arrived yet at the stops that I know ! From Paddington on I can follow better ! Excellent idea of you ! and there are so many lines still to discover ! That's a good occupation for the next years :) !


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