Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jubilee Greenway walk 3

I started this next section  of the Jubilee Greenway walk at Camden. This is a vibrant part of London with its decorated shops and famous market at Camden lock alongside the Regent's Canal.

In the early 70s there were plans to build an urban motorway across this site but they were dropped in 1976. Up to that point the uncertainty of  what was going to happen in the area meant that no permanent structures could be built and a temporary market sprung up specialising in crafts and clothes. It was so popular that it has become a permanent feature.

For over one hundred and forty years this canal was used to bring coal from the Midlands, building materials and foodstuffs into London. The tow path was only accessible by businesses whose goods were stored in warehouses alongside the canal. Commercial usage stopped in the 1960s when in 1962-3 the canal froze so hard that no goods could be moved for weeks. By the time the canal was usable the cargo had been transported by road and business didn't return to the canal.

Nowadays there are lots of new apartments overlooking the canal.

The canal widens here into the St Pancras yacht Basin and St Pancras Lock

The granary building, now the home of Central St Martins and the University of Arts London as well as the King's Cross visitor's centre.
From here you can see all the regeneration that has taken place in the King's Cross area of London.

The ornate ironwork on the Thornhill Road Bridge which you need to cross to get back onto the towpath.

After going under another bridge the Towpath ceases. This is the Islington Tunnel and for quite a distance you have to follow the blue glass markers on the pavement taking you through the streets and parks. The markers follow the route of the tunnel beneath the streets.
Eventually you arrive at Chapel road market in Islington fromwhere you have to cross the very busy Upper Street near the Angel Islington underground station before coming out at the quieter and more genteel part of Islington.

This is known as Camden Passage which is well known for its antique shops and market.

Then it was back on to the tow path as  the canal re-emerged from the Islington Tunnel.

I found this next section of the canal from the City road lock to be quite beautiful with its mixture of old and new.

Many narrow boats were moored in this section

The sign can only be seen correctly as a reflection in the canal
 telling us that we are now in Shoreditch.

Acton's Lock

These gasometers will soon be a thing of the past. They were used to store large amounts of gas at low pressure. Advances in technology and pipelines means there is no longer a need for these large storage containers.

Not sure what this building is but I thought the large mushrooms on the roof were an interesting addition.

I have now reached Victoria Park and need to leave the canal at the next bridge and make my way home.


  1. Great walk that, did you know the narrowboats were walked through the tunnel when they were hose drawn. Guys on the literaly laid on their backs & pushed it through by walking on the tunnel roof

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  3. Oh, how I would have loved to spend à holiday on one of those narrow boats and go from canal to canal all over England.
    This is à most interesting post. Thanks!

  4. As you have a number of bridges in it, «Louis» invites you to link this delightful post with his Sunday Bridges meme. :-)

  5. This was quite the tour! Thanks for taking us on your walk. The ironwork on the Thornhill Rd. Bridge is beautiful!

  6. a really lovely series; I'd love to walk beside the canal and take in all the surrounds, also to travel on a barge-boat ...

  7. thankyou for taking us along the canals to see the markets and the views. I would love to do a tour like this!
    Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

  8. A delightful tour!
    «Louis» invites you to link this with Sunday Bridges.

  9. Hi! Nice collection of the water world. I enjoyed your canal tour very much. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love those store fronts. So creative. It hardly looks like those boats will fit through the tunnel, but I am sure it is just perspective playing with my brain.

  11. Hi! I'm visiting from yonder Stanwood way. I do my own 'Places I've Been' mine Sunday Safaris. I look forward to following where you've been. Cheers. Hope you're enjoying your spring. -Mac

  12. Hi, I remember visiting this post but I thought I left a comment. I thought it was quite the interesting walk you took.

    Sometimes I read a post and think I'll come back and leave a comment later and forget ;-) Sorry about that. But it gives me a chance to ask why you haven't been blogging. I see that this one was posted several months back. I do hope you are okay and just enjoying life rather than blogging. I also hope you will post again when you are able.

    Happy rest of your week ahead. xx

  13. Thanks for this walk in a part of London I don't know yet.
    Thanks for your visit!
    Wil, ABCW Team.


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