Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jubilee Greenway walk Section 2

 From Paddington station The Greenway walk takes you behind the station and down to the Regent's Canal.

The walk continues along the tow path for quite a distance going through some very built up areas of London.

This area is called Paddington central.

This is a sculpture by Sean Henry to celebrate walking in this area.

This canal basin is where the Regent's Canal meets the Grand Union canal and is known as Little Venice. There is a very small island in the Basin known as Browning's Island after the poet Robert Browning who lived close to the Canal. Leaving the tow path you cross over an ornate blue and gold bridge.

Next to the Bridge is Bridge House which is now a cafe
There are narrow boats moored alongside the canal and the tow path is no longer accessible to the public for a little while.

As soon as I was able to get back on the tow path I spotted this blackboard where lots of people had completed the sentence.

Here are some of the endings:.......I want to live; ............. be a landlord;..........learn who I am; happier in love;...........write a book

Leaning against the wall was this copy of a Banksy painting (I assume a copy but with Banksy who knows?).
It's not long before the canal goes through London Zoo. You cannot access the Zoo directly from the tow path but you can see into some of the enclosures and you walk very close to the Snowden Aviary.

Shortly afterwards is the Feng Shang Princess Floating restaurant in the Cumberland Basin. I left the canal here to climb up to the top of Primrose Hill which gives a wonderful panoramic view of London.


  1. Another interesting walk I see, and along a canal.

  2. looks a bit scary to me with the water level so high. Like the Chinese restaurant boat.

  3. Looks like a great walk along the water. I like the sculpture by Sean Henry.

  4. Nice share ,I specially like walking sculpture...

  5. It looks a nice walk but a climb up Primrose Hill. I remember a song about that.

  6. I love tours like this.. Thanks

  7. Hello Fun60,
    I realise this isn't a sharing with Our World Tuesday, and though I did find the boat race story and photos interesting, I found when I came here I was intrigued and interested with this Jubilee Greenway Walk 2, so I do hope you don't mind my diverting from the Post you did share.
    When I first read the word Paddington I thought of Paddington in Sydney New South Wales Australia.
    I didn't remember a station being there and was intrigued.
    Then I realised as I kept reading and looking.. and of course, now Paddington Station makes sense, and of course Paddington Bear who's such a cutey.
    Waterways through the township in London.. but then if I think about stories I've read set around the Waterways of London... I really hadn't absorbed the extent of such a way of life in London in today's times. But of course, London may have modernised, but the Waterways will always be part of the story.
    Your Post is lovely. Reminds one London is not just about being a thriving busy metropolis, but also a place of continuing charm. The River Boat lifestyle still thrives.
    A very interesting and beautiful Post thanks for sharing.
    And a special thanks for your visit to me, I may not have had this special experience if you hadn't.

  8. I don't recall seeing any canals in London - obviously they were there. I would love to be sailing, or paddling or punting along those canals.
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog this week.


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