Wednesday, January 18, 2017

North Acton

This is the 40th station I have visited on the Central line and so far the least memorable.

As I exited the station the first thing I saw was an appeal for witnesses notice. Not the most welcoming sign I've encountered.

The station was surrounded by new high rise blocks of flats.

I walked in different directions from the station but other than the apartment blocks I could only find industrial estates.

The most interesting building I came across was the old perfume factory. Opened in 1939 as the Elizabeth Arden factory, it was here that the singer Elvis Costello worked as a computer clerk in the seventies.

It is now being converted into residential units for the  rental market

Even the cemetery didn't seem at peace with these blocks overlooking it.

I then made my way  round the numerous high rise flats back to the station.

Not much more to say about North Acton.


  1. I will avoid it like the plague then, thanks for the warning. I think the only good thing about the place were your photo's even the cemetery did not look inviting and I like visiting them.

  2. Hehe, I wondered if I should continue reading after the first sentence. Of course I did and picked up some trivia about Elvis Costello. I like the last photo and interesting to see the power rail is not continuous where tracks cross.


  3. This area doesn't look very inviting !
    These big flat houses behind the cemetary look awful and a murder poster very welcoming, lol ! I am really amazed that you did 40 stations ! To my shame I have once been in the Brussels "Metro", when the first part was inaugurated since a few weeks, that must have been in 1980 when my son was 6 and today he is 43 !! In Brussels it is practical but from Waterloo only a bus is running.

  4. oh that's kinda scary that there's a wanted sign for someone who murdered but the church looks pretty cool - I'd definitely check that out.

  5. All I can say is 'Oh dear'. I hope your next stop is more exciting for you.


  6. Welll..... the Elvis has left the building sign made me smile..... (I've enjoyed the music of both Elvis's) ... and I appreciate your honesty and thoroughness, although I don't suppose North Acton will be thrilled with this entry in your 'Guide to the Underground' (which you are going to publish aren't you? I really really think you should. )

  7. What ever happened to Elvis Costello? Used to like him.

    You made a good post out of North Acton and now I know of another place I have no desire to cisit.


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