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Harlesden station is only just over half a mile from the previous station at Willesden Junction. It is a small station building with not many redeeming features except the large lamps outside. The station is by the side of the railway bridge and you need to go down a flight of steps to use the station. As I mentioned before the Bakerloo line is not wheelchair accessible.

On either side of the road above the station are these bright tiled murals. The canal is close to the station and so there is one of a narrow boat and the other is a train (albeit a steam train

Across the road from the station is the McVitie's  biscuit factory, one of the main employers in the area.

On the other side of the road  is the Willesden sub station. It is a major substation and forms part of  The National Grid  which ensures that electricity generated anywhere in the UK is used to supply demands elsewhere in the country.

The sub station backs onto the Grand Union Canal.

Walking round the corner from the factory and the sub station you come across this two piece mosaic. There was no information or name but one assumes it has to do with celebrating Harlesden's diversity.

This gentleman had been sitting nearby and came over to see why I was taking photos. He said he liked to sit on the seat admiring the mosaic but he didn't know anything about it either.

Further down the road I came across this installation which did have some information nearby. It is part of 'Art in the city', a five year project promoting the premise that 'Art is vital to renewal. It shows that people care about where they live and work.'
This is named 'Sundisc'. It is surrounded by etched paving stones showing newspaper articles and photographs about the Harlesden area.

With the expansion of the railway into this area the area was popular with city workers and in 1876 the Stonebridge Park Hotel was built along with 60 'smart new villas'.

The High Street didn't hold much interest for me with its numerous takeaways and hair and beauty shops.

This is a United Reformed and Moravian Church.

Just off the High Street there is a large number of these Victorian houses. This one stood out with its red and white colour scheme.

Just 200m from Harlesden Underground station is the Grand Junction Arms. A large pub with a beer garden facing the canal.

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  1. I loved those mosaic arts.. Thank you for the tour of Harlesden...

  2. So much history and information tied to each of your stops. The high streets were fascinating to us at first but before our too short stay was over we were a little tired of them. But still better than the dying main streets in too many towns over on this side of the pond. Love this series and it seems to me like you'll have the makings of a book when you reach your goal.

  3. great reflections in the sub-station and in the canal. I love huge industrial buildings...

  4. Very nice reflections in the canal. The mosaics are fun to see too.

  5. Lovely photos! I like the tiled murals.

  6. All of these are great shots.

  7. I like all the little patches of blue in the last photos. A very nice reflection.

  8. Loveall the art work and the fabulous reflections in the water. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Another lovely place, and beautiful reflections !

  10. Another interesting stop to follow you around. I liked the Art installations.


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